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Where Does the Grit Go When You’re Blindsided by a Bus? – Listen to the story of Aaron Walker who experienced the thrill of rapid success early in his career and the abrupt blindside when he tragically killed a pedestrian.

Aaron Walker








Where Does the Grit Go When You’re Blindsided by a Bus? 

Are you plowing forward toward what you want to achieve in life, or are you holding your breath hoping that luck will make it happen for you? Success requires living proactively, not reactively. You can’t be reactive to accomplish your dreams. Dreams require an intent with a plan, goals, and execution every day on those goals. When someone says, “You can’t do that!” do you return the challenge, “No, YOU can’t do that! Watch me go do it!” When you are fired up with grit and determination, anything is possible. But what do you do when a bus stops you dead in your tracks? Do you keep plowing forward, or do you retreat? Aaron Walker did it all – sold a business by age 27, found financial security, got bored with money and went back to work for greater accomplishments. And then he was hit by a proverbial bus – or rather, he was driving the car that hit someone else. What do you do when the wind has been taken out of your sails? Dig deep for the grit and determination, just like Aaron. If you need a big dose of motivation and some OOMPH to get back at it, listen to this podcast that takes you from the highest of ambitions to the lowest of defeats, and find out how to end up with a life of significance.


Learn more about Aaron Walker and his work by clicking here.  Remember to download the three free documents he offered.  Also, you can check out his book, View From the Top: Living a Life of Significance by clicking here.


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