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Leaders are made, not born!

We offer common sense solutions to management and leadership issues. Manager Mojo is your one stop shop for affordable online leadership coaching and training. You've got questions, we've got answers.

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90% of Business Problems Stem from Recruiting – Jeff Hyman is author of the new book “Recruit Rockstars: The 10 Step Playbook to Find the Winners and Ignite Your Business”

                  90% of Business Problems Stem from Recruiting  One out of every two new hires fail. Make the choice of either putting the work in on the front end of hiring, or on the back end of constant follow up and getting results. If you are a leader willing to...

Do You Have Marketing that Matters? Award-winning marketing expert Linda Popky shares the secrets of successful marketing in today’s business climate

                Do You Have Marketing that Matters?  A lot of noise is being created in the marketplace from vendors trying to make their product or service stand out. With more ways to market than ever before, it is extremely difficult to be heard. While we may get...

The Leader’s #1 Skill–Be a Peacemaker – an enlightening conversation with Douglas E. Noll, attorney turned peacemaker who can de-escalate even the tensest situation in 90 seconds or less

                The Leader’s #1 Skill – Be a Peacemaker  Have you ever been so angry that having a level-headed conversation simply wasn’t possible? When you are out-of-control with anger, the last thing you want to do is calm down. You want to be heard! As a manager...

Do You Have the Qualities of a Superboss? – an energizing conversation with Sydney Finkelstein, author of Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent

                Do You Have the Qualities of a Superboss? Would you like to be considered a ‘superboss,’ the one who has top talent waiting in the wings, who is the sought-after leader to work for and who develops the most successful leaders? With the level of...

Leaders Need Answers for Staying Relevant in the Marketplace – a solutions-filled conversation with the authors of Stretch: How to Future-Proof Yourself for Tomorrow’s Workplace, Karie Willyerd & Barbara Mistick

            Leaders Need Answers for Staying Relevant in the Marketplace  You are a leader and manager of people. It is second nature to be proactive, get things done and accept risk. Now it is time for you to begin doing the same things for the future of your career....

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Manager Mojo is Steve’s journey through the management maze.  It’s a personal testimony of just how hard it is to become a great leader.

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Lead with Mojo is Steve’s 2nd book and latest release.  It’s a “how to” book that walks you through 7 steps to becoming the leader others want to follow.