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Common Sense Leadership Coach & Mentor Helping Managers Uncover Their Mojo to Become the Leader Others Want to Follow

In 2013, Gallup reported that 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged in their work and that actively disengaged workers—i.e., those who are negative and potentially hostile to their organizations—continue to outnumber engaged employees at a rate of nearly 2-1.  That leaves only the remaining 13% of employees being happy and engaged in their career, and Steve Caldwell knew he had to set out to change that.

As an executive mentor and coach to managers and leaders who desire to excel in their career and become the leader others want to follow, Steve is now coaching his followers not only on how to become great leaders, but how to effectively coach and lead their employees to find satisfaction and fulfillment from their jobs and life.  He is also the author of Manager Mojo – Be the Leader Others Want to Follow.

Through Manager Mojo, Steve teaches common sense principles of management and leadership through his signature program, the Mojo Leadership System.  Leaders learn the foundations of successful management and leadership strategies and how to implement them to build successful teams and achieve a successful career.

Having started his work career at the savvy age of 13, Steve is also currently CEO of Predictive People Analytics, a firm specializing in helping leaders increase sales, reduce turnover, and attract key talent, based in San Francisco, CA.

Happy Clients

Satisfied clients rave about Steve’s down to earth and no-nonsense approach and how it has changed their lives.

Here’s what they say –

  • John Wooden, Vince Lombardi and Phil Jackson are among the greatest coaches in sports history with a combined 26 Championships between them. The key differentiator in these historic coaches versus all others was their ability to maximize the potential of each individual and build a Championship team not just once but 26 times. Like a great coach Steve Caldwell will MAXIMIZE the development of your organization like few in the game today.  Steve is a game changer, a life changer and will provide you the invaluable insights to improve employee retention, sales performance and company culture. If you quest to build a Championship team you need Steve Caldwell!  ~ Jeff U.
  • Steve is awesome, amazing, incredible!  He should be canonized!  ~D.C.
  • Steve is an engaging and knowledgeable teacher. Not only did I learn how to use a valuable new management tool, but also tapped into Steve’s vast knowledge of business, sales specifically, and effective management. He is an expert instructor and made sure all understood material before moving ahead. Great two days!  ~B.C.
  • Steve was a fabulous instructor and truly made the experience even more wonderful. He is a fantastic instructor and person.  ~M.C.Great job!
  • Wonderful, practical system with great data behind it. Steve established great rapport, checked well for understanding, and stimulated interest and enthusiasm.  ~B.R.

How Steve’s Journey Serves You

As a self-professed “manager from hell,” Steve learned through the hard knocks of making mistakes while building a career.  Filled with desire and ambition that wouldn’t quit, Steve needed to educate himself when the principles he so desperately needed weren’t being taught.

“I remember getting my first promotion to manager,” Steve recalls. “I was so impressed with myself and thought that everyone had the same thoughts, goals, and drive that I did regarding business.

“Boy was I wrong!  I don’t think I could have messed it up much worse than I did. But I began to listen and learn and after years of trial and error, finally began to get a few things right.  I just wish that I had known then what I know today.

“In all arenas, we suffer from a lack of leadership talent,” Steve observes. “Because organizations are challenged by finding the necessary talent to fill positions, they often feel forced to promote employees into management with no training or support to guide their development into leadership positions.”

Today Steve serves as a leadership coach, mentor and role model guiding high achieving managers to become the strong leaders their companies, employees and the world needs.

Engage Steve Now! Experience how Steve can help you or your organization to develop the leadership talent so desperately needed.  You can learn how to lead people who are different from you.   You don’t have to be born to lead. You can learn to lead. To get in contact with Steve you can email him at [email protected], phone him at 415*670*9543, or contact him through his websites www.ManagerMojo.com or www.PredictivePeopleAnalytics.com . As Steve says, “Leadership doesn’t need to be difficult.  It is as simple as understanding a few key systems that are critical to success and you are on the road to leading people to achieve great things.”