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What the Military Can Teach Business About Leadership

LTG (Ret) Frank Kearney, III

What the Military Can Teach Business About Leadership

When it comes to leadership, business and the military share more similarities than not.  Specific circumstances may differ, but processes are much the same.  Both need leaders who will step up, exercise ingenuity in their area of responsibility and exhibit initiative in accomplishing goals within the organization.  In this podcast, Lieutenant General (Ret) Frank Kearney, III shares excellent insights with Mojo listeners on the leader’s responsibilities in the areas of 1) Communication, 2) Developing trust, 3) Ethics, 4) Transparency and 5) One on one’s.  As the General says, “You don’t have time NOT to do reviews.”  They must be done – and that’s an order!  Listen to what else he has to say in this podcast.

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