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 The #1 Way to Get Results – S.T.O.P!

Clint Longenecker

The #1 Way to Get Results – S.T.O.P!

Who doesn’t want to get results?  We’ve discussed this in prior podcasts, yet because it is such an important topic we are discussing it again.  Leaders in business today are TOO BUSY!   The challenge, however, is getting that under control.  The reality is that you as the leader must TAKE control.  You’ll want to listen to the conversation I had with Clinton Longenecker, Ph.D., award-winning educator and one of America’s leaders in the area of rapid performance improvement.  Clint has been studying productivity for years, and his latest research (and forthcoming book) tells us that we need to S.T.O.P. if we want to be effective — Sit – Think – Organize – Perform.  Get ready to listen to a fast-paced conversation so full of useable ideas that you’ll want to listen the first time then take notes the second time.  Go SIT and listen now!

How to connect with Clint:

[email protected]edu

Google ‘Clint Longenecker’ for info on his extensive works

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Clint’s book- “The Two Minute Drill”

From the Back Cover
Praise for The Two-Minute Drill

“The authors have created an approach to improvement that is powerful, poignant, and packs a punch. The Two-Minute Drill provides a real plan of action for improvement that people can really relate to.”
—Vicky Black, president, Fabory North America

“In the past 25 years, my company has shifted from process strategies to execution strategies. By far the lessons on execution described in The Two-Minute Drill have produced the most successful results for us. I have taken this book to my team, and we are now better prepared to take the ball into the improvement end zone.”
—Al Caperna, CEO, CMC Group

“When your team is not ready for the change game, the outcome can be disastrous. I wish I had had the benefit of the lessons from The Two-Minute Drill before undertaking my latest change effort.”
—Rear Admiral David R. Ellison, USN (Ret.), president and superintendent, New Mexico Military Institute

“In today’s fast-paced competitive world, there is little time for error or waste. Just like a well-disciplined football team, business leaders should use the techniques explained in The Two-Minute Drill to ensure that their teams move the ball, score, and win.”
—Gary L. Cowger, group vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Relations, General Motors Corporation

“Having played quarterback and run the two–minute drill in college, it is no different in business. Define winning, prepare, communicate, seize control, adjust quickly, and—above all—execute! Organizational change and transformation demand action, as we do not have the whole season to score. I have made the Two-Minute Drill part of my playbook, and you should also. The clock is running on all of us.”
—John Meier, CEO, Libbey, Inc.

About the Author
Clinton O. Longenecker is the Stranahan Professor of Leadership and Organizational Excellence in the College of Business Administration at the University of Toledo. He is a frequent speaker, corporate consultant, and media source, and was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2004.

Greg R. Papp is president of Cube Culture Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in performance improvement. He was formerly controller of Aeroquip-Vickers Corporation.

Timothy C. Stansfield is president of IET, Inc., a manufacturing consulting firm that has worked with 1400 manufacturing plants over 20 years. Tim was selected as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

“Getting Results”

Editorial Reviews
“Getting Results hits the nail on the head! It offers concrete advice on how leaders produce sustainable results. Any leader wanting to improve performance will be well-served to use the ideas as well as the tools in this book.” (Dave Ulrich, professor of business, University of Michigan)

“Awesome! This book is a great tool that can assure better results within any organization. I’ve finally found a book that I can honestly recommend to others that provides the knowledge and the guidance to significantly improve performance. This book not only provides the tools of change required for high performance, but it provides a feasible means to achieve significant improvement by the effective leadership of both people and processes. Any business leader who is truly interested in momentous change must read this book with the intention of following its guidance through the issues. Longenecker and Simonetti show how in touch they are with the realities of the workplace of the twenty-first century and provide a specific action plan for performance improvement. Follow the exercises throughout the book and this tool becomes a business plan for improvement for any manager. This is a must read for any manager looking for better performance! This book is not just a what to do, it’s a how to do it book. That’s what has been missing with much of today’s business improvement literature, but this book captures the insight of over two thousand high-performing managers, and their wisdom shows.” (Tim Stansfield, Ph.D., president, IET Inc., Toledo, Ohio)
“Getting Results” hits the nail on the head! It offers concrete advice on how leaders produce sustainable results. Any leader wanting to improve performance will be well-served to use the ideas as well as the tools in this book.” —Dave Ulrich, Professor of Business, University of Michigan
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