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Save 40+ Years – Here’s How the Best Leaders Do It – A global expert in planning and execution, Rob Shallenberger shares over 40 years of leadership research from peak performing companies

Rob Shallenberger








Save 40+ Years – Here’s How the Best Leaders Do It

It is far too common for someone to be promoted into a leadership position, and immediately try to figure out what they should be doing. Want to be a successful leader? Save 40+ years of your life, and listen to this podcast. After years of personal experience plus researching peak performing organizations, Rob Shallenberger’s father distilled into 12 principles the powerful attributes that propel teams and organizations to the top. As a fighter pilot, Rob also learned valuable lessons that ignite teams and leaders and fuel high performance at every level. A leading authority in planning and execution, Rob Shallenberger joins the Manager Mojo podcast to share the principles from the book, his experience as a pilot and how they lead to powerful teams and leaders.


Learn more about Rob Shallenberger and his work with peak performance at this website.  Don’t forget to mention this podcast for a free Organizational Assessment as well as a Personal Productivity Assessment.  Get the book, Becoming Your Best – The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders, by clicking the link.


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Steve Caldwell is an executive mentor and coach to managers and leaders who desire to excel in their career and become the leader others want to follow. Steve is a leadership expert, host of the Manager Mojo podcast and author of the book Manager Mojo – Be the Leader Others Want to Follow. (www.ManagerMojo.com)

Steve also coaches his followers not only on how to become great leaders, but how to effectively coach and lead their employees to find satisfaction and fulfillment from their jobs and life.

Having started his work career at the savvy age of 13, Steve is also currently CEO of Predictive People Analytics based in San Francisco, CA, a firm specializing in helping leaders increase sales, reduce turnover, and attract key talent. (www.PredictivePeopleAnalytics.com)