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Be a Positive Leader – Help People be Their Best and Hold Them Accountable – An inspiring conversation with Jon Gordon, whose best-selling books and talks have inspired readers and audiences around the world, including teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and Fortune 500 companies.

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Be a Positive Leader – Help People be Their Best and Hold Them Accountable 

We need more positive leaders in the world, leaders who inspire and accomplish more. Positive leaders get more out of their people and motivate them to discover their grit and be their best. Do you know what the #1 predictor of success is? Over talent, title, wealth or appearance, grit will get you to a successful finish line nearly every time. The positive leader has grit because positive leadership is serious, hard work that requires daily, focused determination. No Pollyanna, unicorns or rainbows here. Leaders and teams who lose their ‘Super Bowl,’ the ‘big one,’ don’t wallow in their loss, but they look forward to future victories. And while those future victories are sweet, the positive leader doesn’t consider them the ultimate victory. They also take that positivity to other areas of their life and focus on being great spouses, parents, siblings and friends. Do you consider yourself a positive individual, or are you allowing negativity to get the upper hand? Don’t beat yourself up over negativity and be diligent in putting it behind you and looking for the positive. Uncover the grit that is essential to successful, positive leaders and you will have uncovered the #1 predictor of your success.


Learn more about Jon Gordon by clicking here.  You can also connect with him on Twitter @JonGordon11.  

If you’d like to go directly to a link about his book, The Power of Positive Leadership: How and Why Positive Leaders Transform Organizations and Change the World, click here.



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Steve Caldwell is an executive mentor and coach to managers and leaders who desire to excel in their career and become the leader others want to follow. Steve is a leadership expert, host of the Manager Mojo podcast and author of the book Manager Mojo – Be the Leader Others Want to Follow. (www.ManagerMojo.com)

Steve also coaches his followers not only on how to become great leaders, but how to effectively coach and lead their employees to find satisfaction and fulfillment from their jobs and life.

Having started his work career at the savvy age of 13, Steve is also currently CEO of Predictive People Analytics based in San Francisco, CA, a firm specializing in helping leaders increase sales, reduce turnover, and attract key talent. (www.PredictivePeopleAnalytics.com)