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Persistence & Passion are Critical to Success

Michael Gorton

Persistence & Passion are Critical to Success

Leaders come in all nationalities, sizes, personalities and with differing opinions, yet two characteristics they share are persistence and passion. In this podcast we are taking a different look at leadership, one from the perspective of the Forefathers of our Founding Fathers. In the formation of the United States there were Forefathers who arrived in the “New England” with ideals and principles unlike before and they were beaten, persecuted and killed because of them. Ironically, though they had to endure these brutalities, their ideals weren’t killed and have come to fruition over the ensuing hundreds of years – ideals such as democracy, equality for women and the end of slavery. Enjoy an appreciation of the leadership found in the early settlers of the Colonies by hearing Michael Gorton, an 11th generation descendent of the founder of Rhode Island, Samuel Gorton, discuss the life of one of his forefathers and the characteristics that made Samuel a Forefather and leader of the United States of America. However, as Michael will tell you from Samuel’s example, in the face of opposition and remaining persistent and passionate, don’t forget to have fun.

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