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Leaders Should Focus on Building Happy Teams – a conversation with the author of How to be Happy at Work, Dr. Annie McKee

Dr. Annie McKee









Leaders Should Focus on Building Happy Teams 

A big portion of life is spent working, so it is incumbent upon each one of us to be sure we are happy doing what we do. Happy people are more productive because their work feeds their soul, not just the pocketbook. However, we’ve all meant unhappy people in the workplace who blame their unhappiness upon the boss or others and whose negativity can easily bring others around them down. Leaders should understand their role in creating a happy team, and it begins with curiosity. Be curious about what motivates each team member. Be curious of what they want to achieve in work. Your curiosity makes team members feel like you care, and from that caring you will develop a happy team who will move mountains. Gain the reputation of being the manager everyone wants to work for. Be happy and make those around you happy, too.


Connect with Dr. McKee on Facebook and Twitter, and visit her website to learn more about her work and newest book, How to Be Happy at Work.  You can check out her book on Amazon by clicking here.


Leaders Should Focus on Building Happy Teams – a conversation with the author of How to be Happy at Work, Dr. Annie McKee

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