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Don’t Waste a Good Mistake – a vibrant conversation with Robin Fisher Roffer, branding expert and author of Your No Fear Career

Robin Fisher Roffer









Don’t Waste a Good Mistake

Do you envy those who are ‘free spirits,’ people seemingly going through life without a care and enjoying it? When you show up courageously and are willing to say ‘yes’ to opportunity, life increases its momentum. It is when we get caught in our own heads, listening to the inner judge that we slow our progress and stifle growth, opportunity and success. Let go of the idea that the outcome of a decision must be in your favor. That type of thinking hampers and constricts everyone. Instead, be willing to make the best choice at the moment and make a decision. Be willing to be wrong, to learn and to move forward. Stop delaying what you know you should do by getting another’s approval. Leading from fear is not the foundation of a successful leader. If you have gotten caught in a rut of fear, lack of decision making and the thought of a mistake, it’s time to break loose and be willing to say “Yes!”. This podcast will open the door to new possibilities for your life, career and team.


To learn more about Robin Roffer, please visit her website.  You can connect with her on LinkedIn, and you can learn more about Your No Fear Career by going directly to Amazon.


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