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Build Trust and Create Passion Within Your Team

Robert Clancy

Build Trust and Create Passion Within Your Team

We live in a day when the focus is on the bottom line and the next quarter’s profits. We praise working long hours and doing what’s necessary to get the job done. While those are worthy accomplishments we lose sight of what’s more important in that process – the people who are making it happen. They are people just like you and me, ones who are unsure at times, have problems and feel the pressures of today. As a leader how do you focus on being personally supportive of the team when you are being pressured to contribute to that bottom line? Robert Clancy has found that balance and direction for his life and business. As a business owner and leader he has chosen to not only be transparent and honest with his team but more important to him is vulnerability and openness. Because of that he has built a team of motivated and responsible people who can feel free to bring their humanness to work along with their capabilities and desire for success. If you desire to be the leader who builds trust and creates passion on your team, you’ll want to listen to the conversation that Steve and Robert had.

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