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How Successful Leaders Retain Employees – a podcast interview with Jan Rutherford, former Army Special Forces medic and founder of Self-Reliant Leadership

                How Successful Leaders Retain Employees  Do you have a problem retaining employees? Many businesses do. One of the best ways to reduce turnover is to improve leadership abilities. Effective leaders inspire others to do things willingly. They encourage...

THINK– What’s Your Excuse?

                THINK– What’s Your Excuse? Have you found yourself so busy that you’ve said, “I don’t even have time to think!”? Business and life can take on a momentum of their own, yet as a leader the excuse not to have time to think just won’t cut it. That’s what...

Are You a BFW?

              Are You a BFW? Have you seen the commercial of the father and son getting into their vehicle after a sporting event, and the father is simply not willing to give his son a Participation Trophy? His son was a winner and he wanted him to know that! As a...

Do You Have the Successful Leader’s Mindset?

                Do You Have the Successful Leader’s Mindset? The definitions of management and leadership are often misunderstood, yet in today’s complex business arena created by globalization and the need for cultural sensitivity it becomes more important for those...

Be True to Yourself

              Be True to Yourself Many times, we find it tricky to remain true to ourselves while building a career. Once we have our dream job we want to do everything to keep it, and that is where the challenges begin. Time seems to get away from us and we find...

High Achievers, Take Heart

              High Achievers, Take Heart People who continually achieve at a high level tend to be positive and plan where they are going like a chess master plans the next move. They prepare and consistently take steps to move toward the end desired. Unfortunately,...

3 Steps to Win in a World of Mediocrity

              3 Steps to Win in a World of Mediocrity Remember when your Mom or Dad used to say, “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” Many of us have a desire to follow the crowd. We don’t want to stick out and appear ‘weird.’ The problem is that...

Are People Choosing to Follow You?

              Are People Choosing to Follow You? Today’s business climate often finds a maniacal focus on the bottom line. Managers are being pushed to meet the numbers, and consequently they are pushing their teams. However, before we push and force our people to...

Scheduled Any Fun Lately?

              Scheduled Any Fun Lately? It’s time we drop the guilt complex about having fun when we feel we should be working. Fun is important to your future achievements because success is created by being energized about what you are working on. If you are not...

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