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3 Steps to Win in a World of Mediocrity

              3 Steps to Win in a World of Mediocrity Remember when your Mom or Dad used to say, “If your friend jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” Many of us have a desire to follow the crowd. We don’t want to stick out and appear ‘weird.’ The problem is that...

Are People Choosing to Follow You?

              Are People Choosing to Follow You? Today’s business climate often finds a maniacal focus on the bottom line. Managers are being pushed to meet the numbers, and consequently they are pushing their teams. However, before we push and force our people to...

Scheduled Any Fun Lately?

              Scheduled Any Fun Lately? It’s time we drop the guilt complex about having fun when we feel we should be working. Fun is important to your future achievements because success is created by being energized about what you are working on. If you are not...

Your Voice is Critical to Your Success

              Your Voice is Critical to Your Success Quite often in business we get focused on the statistics, bottom line, P & L and other data and forget what matters more. The numbers may be important on one level, but it is the way you are using your voice and...

Technology and Other Time Sucks

              Technology and Other Time Sucks You are a leader, and getting the most out of your time is paramount. Technology can help us do that, but it can also be a time suck. If it has ever robbed you of valuable time, then you know what I mean – unexpected...

Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?

              Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? That title is not our way of telling you the focus of this podcast has changed from leadership. It’s Steve’s zany way of looking at how you are allowing other’s expectations to control your schedule and time. The...

Is It Just What You Say? ‘I’m So Busy!’

              Is It Just What You Say? ‘I’m So Busy!’ There are certain expressions that can become the next ‘go to’ response when we are asked the age-old question, “What’s new?” Often, with a sigh of exasperation we hear ourselves saying, “Oh, just busy.” How busy...

Leadership Productivity Tips

Leadership Productivity Tips Video Productivity is the main goal of every effective leader. - The main thing is I just want us to have a little bit of fun, really enjoy our time together today. So here's what we're gonna do. Here's what you're gonna learn today. I'm...

Start Talking About Money

                Start Talking About Money If you are like most people, you were raised to believe that discussing money was distasteful. Consequently, it is often a ‘taboo’ subject at work as well as in our personal lives. However, we need to discuss money because of...

Never Waste a Perfectly Good Mistake

                Never Waste a Perfectly Good Mistake When you are in business, seeking solutions that will up your game is a necessity. Getting comfortable with being ‘good’ and the status quo is a killer. Bonnie Harvey knows what it’s like when you are building a...

How Courageous Are You?

                How Courageous Are You? She has courage, the kind you find when you’re the first woman at many things. She was the first woman in sales for a publisher in the day when that position was held only by men. She was recruited to become president of the new...

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