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How Much Time & Talent are You Wasting? – a discussion with Michael C. Mankins, partner at Bain & Company and an expert on unleashing three critical assets – time, talent & energy

                How Much Time & Talent are You Wasting? Time goes largely unmanaged in business. So are talent and energy. Would you allow an employee to walk off with a big piece of equipment? Then why are you allowing them to steal the time of team members and...

Spend Your Time Where It is Most Valuable – a conversation with Victor Prince, trainer, speaker and author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide their Teams to Exceptional Results

                  Spend Your Time Where It is Most Valuable  Managers must not be all things to all people. In fact, successful leaders are making deliberate choices each day about who needs to be on their team and who they should be investing time in. While it’s not...

3 Critical Components of the Successful Leader – a conversation with Jim Vaselopulos, a C-level executive with a proven record as a rainmaker and new business development expert

                3 Critical Components of the Successful Leader  Do you consider yourself a passionate leader? The actions taken to show you care about people bring a level of authenticity and passion that make others want to follow you. That is critical to successful...

Should You Be Doing That? – an idea-filled conversation with R. Shawn McBride, attorney, CPA and business owner who helps successful private business owners build companies that stand the test of time

                Should You Be Doing That?  How well have you prepared for the next step in your career or business? Although many people cringe at the word ‘planning,’ if you consider it as preparing for your future, you might want to think about how you have equipped...

Seek a Fabulous Life in Work & Play – a conversation with Lisa Dadd, writer, consultant and speaker, who transformed her day job and now blurs the lines between work and play

            Seek a Fabulous Life in Work & Play It is a sad statistic that most people go to work every day and are miserable. The promotion they desired didn’t deliver happiness. The large salary they aspired to became more of an albatross than euphoria. The big...

Are You Willing to Admit Your Foibles and Weaknesses? – a conversation with Izzy Gesell, one of the first to use Improv Theater concepts to develop leaders

                Are You Willing to Admit Your Foibles and Weaknesses?  When you were an individual contributor you strived to produce error-free work. In fact, others celebrated how well you did, and they demonstrated that by promoting you. Unfortunately, now you’ve...

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