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Could Your Ego be Stopping Your Success?

Could your ego be getting in the way of you achieving the success you desire? Are you a perfectionist or are you recovering from that disease?  Too often, perfectionist managers take on the work on their team, rather than setting aside their ego and believing they may...

How to Be a Great Motivator

Do you want to know how to be a great motivator? It all starts with you! What reasons do you have to behave in a certain way?  Could it be sales incentives, bonuses or becoming a member of the President’s Club?  As a manager, you need to find your reasons for...

How to be the Boss that Shuts Down a Team

Who wants to be the boss that shuts down a team?  As managers, we've got a job to do, and we have a team of people to utilize to get things done.   We can't do it all ourselves.  But the fact is, we often tell people ‘I need this now, and do it my way!’  We get in a...

The Danger of Saying ‘Because I Said So!

Today's Manager Mojo Podcast points out  the danger of saying because I said so!  All of us get frustrated with having to repeat ourselves.  And, we respond to the pressures of time differently.  Yet some managers truly believe that employees should just do what they...

Encyclopedia Salesman to President

Today's Manager Mojo podcast features Mr. Bob Dorr.  We learn how Bob began his career as a door to door encyclopedia salesman and steadily progressed to be the founder and president of a financial services company.  It's a fascinating journey and Bob shares with us...

My Goals Are More Important than Yours!

Most managers don't realize that they communicate in such a way that people hear "my goals are more important than yours."  Yet, that is usually the precisely opposite thing that most managers are really thinking.  They are just making mistakes that can be corrected...

Baptism Under Fire

Learning to lead can sometimes be like baptism under fire.  Our guest today is Rob Beattie (Bee-Tea).  Rob is Senior Director for Thomson Reuters and leads their inside sales division.  Rob brings experience, a passion for seeing his people succeed, and many great...


Coaching?  Most managers say that their boss doesn't coach them, so why should they coach their team.  But successful leaders understand that everyone needs a little coaching in order to improve their skills so that they can raise their performance.  It's a cop-out to...

Identify the Sticking Points

You have to learn how to identify the sticking points when you are dealing with today's multi-generational workforce says this week's guest, Haydn Shaw.  Haydn is the author of "Sticking Points: How to Get 4 Generations Working Together in the 12 Places They Come...

I am the Boss!

Who hasn't heard a manager say I am the Boss, do what I say?  In this episode of the Manager Mojo Podcast, you will learn the danger in communicating this message to your team.  Instead, you have to learn how to work with people in ways that are productive for the...

Use Vision to Connect

Use vision to connect is the advice of our guest, Jim Oedy, on this episode of the Manager Mojo Podcast.  Jim is the CEO of Genesis Village, a successful and amenity rich senior community located in Toledo, Ohio.  Jim has a successful 30 year history of building new...

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