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Why You Struggle With Goal Achievement

Why You Struggle With Goal Achievement Do you consistently struggle with achieving the goals you were so excited about at the beginning of the year? Many people start out gung-ho and quickly things fizzle. What is the secret of those who are successful? Enjoy this...

Start the New Year (or Any Time) Strong

Start the New Year (or Any Time) Strong We tend to use the beginning of a New Year to focus on the opportunity of setting new goals, but the fact is that you can do that any time. That being said, I’m still going to use these moments for a discussion about goal...

How Millennials are Changing the World

How Millennials are Changing the World Today’s generation of Millennials (born early 1980’s – 2000) is often misunderstood by those who are managing and leading them. Not having a strong work ethic and just wanting to ‘have fun’ are often two complaints. While it is...

Inspire #4 – Inspire the World

Inspire the World .  You are that person!   Every one of us has a desire lurking deep within that can help to inspire someone else.  What’s your BHAG?  Figure out your Big Hairy Audacious Goal and you’ll have the impetus and direction that will inspire you, your...

Wellness is Tied to Attracting Top Talent

Wellness is Tied to Attracting Top Talent We have sabotaged that success by scaring people into participation rather than exciting them into it. If you want to explore a documented way to improve profitability while reducing turnover, absenteeism and increasing...

Inspire #3 – Inspire Others

Inspire Others There needs to be careful consideration and awareness of why we even care. Do you care about the success of each team member? Do you show that to them sincerely? Inspiring Others is the third component of a 4-part series. If you want to be the leader...

How to Become Influential

How to be Influential How influential are you? We all have conversations going on in our head that affect our success or lack of it. Negative self-talk stops each one of us to some extent from doing what we love and achieving our dreams. At some point we need to take...

Inspire #2 – Family & Friends

Inspire #2 – Family & Friends Do you inspire your family and friends? Are you a natural at inspiring others? Are you more inclined to encourage someone, or do you tend to see the errors and offer correction? As a leader it is important for you to hold your team...

Remove IMPOSSIBLE From Your Vocabulary

Remove IMPOSSIBLE From Your Vocabulary Do you often hear yourself saying, "it's impossible?" Are you currently employed yet know your dream can’t be found in corporate America? Many successful entrepreneurs have gotten their start the exact same way.  They found out...

Inspire Yourself – #1

Inspire Yourself - #1 Do you inspire you? If you are struggling to achieve the success you desire, it is likely that you are struggling with yourself. What does that mean? Being tuned in to your natural behaviors is critical to understanding and getting clear on how...

Stop Trying to be the Perfect Sales Person

Stop Trying to be the Perfect Sales Person The fact is, we are ALL in sales, whether you want to accept that or not. You may not be selling a product or service, but you are selling your ideas to your team, to your boss or to your family. It’s a skill we should all be...

Listening is Not This

Listening is Not This Without even being aware of it we are jumping to conclusions, answering questions before they are asked or still thinking about the next thing we need to do. It’s difficult to shut off our brain and simply focus on the person who is talking. It...

Stop Expecting Others to Motivate You

Stop Expecting Others to Motivate You What does it take to motivate and inspire you?  Are you so committed to your dream that nothing can stop you?  Justin Morgan loved football, but high school injuries and a coach who laughed and said he would never be able to play...

Common Reasons We Don’t Listen

Common Reasons We Don't Listen Why Don’t You Listen to Others? Do you believe you are listening because they are talking and you aren't?  How many times have you gone through that only to realize later that you didn’t understand what they were trying to tell you?...

Find Your True North and Lead

What is Your True North? It is critical for leaders to be clear about their True North.  The leaders of yester-year can't be the leaders of today with the evolutionary and revolutionary move from the ‘Me’ generation to the ‘We’ generation.  While today’s young leaders...

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