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Do You Have the Grit that Leadership Requires?

Shannon Huffman Polson

Do You Have the Grit that Leadership Requires?

Leadership requires a host of behaviors and attitudes that often aren’t easy, popular or clear. When you are faced with difficult circumstances do you back down or approach them with dogged determination? When you are told you can’t, do you dig down and believe in yourself, or do you retreat? Are you achieving what you want to achieve, or have you let the opinions of others hold you back? There are moments in every life and career when it is a grind. Whether you push through those moments or succumb to them is the mark of a great leader. Shannon Huffman Polson found grit within herself when her commanding officer told her she couldn’t do something, and never would. Where did that grit come from? If you have ever gone through difficult circumstances, are currently there or anticipate them coming, you’ll want to listen as Steve and Shannon discuss the reason the best leaders seek excellence every day – and they find their GRIT.

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